Real Reform New York hosts emotionally and ethically charged discussions about hot-button issues that are near and dear to the hearts of many people. As such, it is important to keep a level head if there is to be any headway made, and to avoid going off half-cocked on an ill-informed tirade that will benefit nobody. Debates may be heated, but they should always be factually informed, mutual, and respectful: listen to what the other participant(s) have to say, and respond in a polite and informed manner.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Personal attacks based upon generalized bigotry and bias do not make an argument. Comments which are purely discriminatory, hateful, bigoted, or otherwise intended to slander or defame another user based upon personal considerations having nothing to do with the discussion at hand will not be accepted, and may result in action up to and including the deactivation of your account, based upon our evaluation of the severity of an incident. Disagreeing with someone on the basis of their maintaining a particular political allegiance is one thing, but you are not obligated to join in any particular discussion; as such, comments suggesting that a person should not be allowed to demonstrate their own opinion because “conservatives are Nazis” or “liberals are loonies” won’t be tolerated.

Personal information must not be disseminated.

There will be no “calling out” or “doxxing” of other users. However another user’s personal information may be acquired, using or threatening to use it in a harmful or defamatory sense is strictly forbidden, and will result in the deactivation of your account. Likewise, attempting to obtain another user’s personal information for such a purpose — an action which we define to include requests for said information, regardless of whether or not you “weren’t serious” — will be treated in the same fashion. This kind of real-world parlance is not appropriate, not beneficial to the purpose for which Real Reform New York was established, and it will not be accepted.

Real Reform New York will not be held responsible for feelings being hurt.

Personal attacks (which we will not tolerate) aside, Real Reform New York will not be held responsible for other users’ reactions to material posted on the Site. These are important issues to the day, and they merit well-informed discussion. If you are incapable of discussing a particular issue with a calm head, or of facing an opposing opinion on a particular subject matter without going off the deep end, you are cordially invited to avoid engaging other members of this Site in discussions on that topic. Hypothetically, we all have our hot-button issues; if you can’t control your reaction to yours and deal with a discussion in a rational and logical fashion, you should find something else to discuss in its stead, and allow cooler heads to prevail.

We don’t want to see people get offended, but it will happen, and it’s not our fault if it does. You do not have the inalienable human right to “not be offended.” That’s not in there; feel free to check.